WildFlowers Australia - 2009 Entries

National Floristry Training Design Competition

2009 -- Theme "New Life"

There were 8 TAFEs and professional floristry schools that entered the competition in 2009. With a theme of "New Life" --  all designs has to be fitting for presentation to parents of a new child, or suitable as a larger arrangement for a maternity ward, church christening, etc. There were 133 entries total.

We have uploaded all entries from each college here, by student name, so they can be viewed by schools, florists and public.

The standard of entry was very high, making judging difficult. Unfortunately not every entry received included a digital photo of the design, so those are not included here.The students' imagination, talent and flair is certainly showcased by the photos included here -- as well as the skill and direction of their lecturers at each of the schools. Congratulations to all and we hope you enter again in 2010.

The sponsors for the 2009 competition were:Premium Greens Australia, Eastcoast Wildflowers, Flower Association of Queensland Inc (FAQI) and Chrysal.