The 2014 competition

Theme: 'Happy Birthday!'
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Participants designed and produced ONE arrangement suitable as a birthday gift. They selected and named their proposed recipient, i.e. mother, grandmother, father, friend etc. and developed their design to suit that person. Design styles could include bouquet, posy or base media arrangements.

83 students competed, with many submitting outstanding designs. They compiled very detailed and beautifully presented portfolios, including details of their ‘happy birthday’ recipient and how they created their design to honour that special person in their lives. 

The entries featured a wide range of design styles and confirmed a bright future for our ‘up and coming’ florists.

The judging criteria included the following: selection of materials consistent with the requirements of the category entered, appropriate choice of materials, good structure, a fitting design, well written design notes provided by the student and the teacher’s marking sheet.

Please click onto the subheading 2014 WINNERS to see the winners in each category - you will find a summary of their design notes and an image.

2014 competition categories:

Category 1. Wildflower and foliage products (species tracing their origins to either Australia or South Africa) must account for a minimum of 75% of the total plant material used in the design, and up to 25% may be traditional/exotic or tropical flowers.

Category 2. ‘Purely Australian’. Designs using only Australian native flower and foliage products (species endemic to Australia).

Category 3. A NEW category! A predominantly green arrangement where a minimum of 75% of the total plant material used is FOLIAGE and includes stems of FLEXITM Grass and/or KOALA fern. Up to 25% may be wildflowers or tropical flowers.