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Whole Farm Economic Decision Calculator

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Having good information about the cost of production at your place can put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to preparing a proposal or to decide to accept an offer for your flowers and foliage products.

Being a profitable business allows you to invest in new plant varieties, updated equipment, professional development, market development, customer visits, memberships of industry organizations and grower groups, professional support and assistance and time off to have a well earned break.

To help grower businesses to calculate the cost of growing flowers, cutting stems, sorting and processing, packaging and shipping, FAQI have completed a project that can provide you with a spreadsheet where you can create a financial model of your business.

Working out the cost of your flowers and foliages can be a complex task.  There are so many costs to consider and most times it’s difficult to organize the information. Then it’s a matter of linking the data so that you can get the information you need.  This is what this spreadsheet can offer you. Initially you need to enter some basic data like your labour rates and the stems per hour you can process and already you can see some results on the cost per stem.  Keep adding more data about the packaging costs and transport costs and see how this impacts the cost per stem.  Depreciation, utility costs and so on can be added to give you a more accurate picture. Later you can add the information about your farm and the number of plants/trees/bushes and how they are planted and how you look after them.  If you want to see what the impact is of employing a casual worker or joining in a Trade Mission you can enter these costs and see the value it adds to your product.  As you increase the data in the model, the better a picture you will have of the business you are operating.


Many business consultants observe that small business owners need to spend more time on their business and less time in their business.  Take the opportunity to balance the time in your business and the time you spend on your business.  

Seek out this tool now.

FAQI are making this spreadsheet available to WFA members free of charge.  That shows the value of industry organizations working together. Call the FAQI office on (07) 3824 9537 or email faqi@flowersqueensland.asn.au. Include in the email or call that you are a member of WFA or from another organization.