About the wildflower quality specifications and postharvest manual

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Wildflowers have many unique features which must be understood and managed to maximise their vase life. Very detailed quality standards for 32 wildflower products backed up by a comprehensive postharvest manual are available from the RIRDC (via their website or you can buy print copies). They can be used by everyone in the market chain to improve product quality and consistency – growers and their workers, wholesalers, exporters, importers and florists.

These specifications  describe the  'minimum acceptable' product using high quality photographs.

 Each specification includes photos of stages of opening, bunches and defects to be avoided. A series of charts present a wide range of information, in an attractive A4 6 page brochure format, making each specification easy to use. There is a full product description (covering such attributes as flowers, leaves, stem and stage of opening - domestic/export) and a background briefing on the flower. Specific postharvest product handling and labelling advice is included.

These publications have been developed through wide consultation with industry members throughout Australia.

Please contact RIRDC directly to view these publications or to place your order for print copies of the specification(s) of interest to you and/or the postharvest manual. Each specification costs $10 and the manual is $45.00.

Go to: https://rirdc.infoservices.com.au/collections/wnp to find the quality specifications. They are listed individually in the second document below - for each flower, you will find its botanical and common names, the publication number and a direct link to it.

For "Postharvest Handling of Australian Flowers from Australian Native Plants and Related Species - A Practical Manual" [2nd edition 2010] go to: 



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