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Wildflower Growers of W.A. Inc.

WGWA is a group of wild-flower growers based in Western Australia, who help each other grow and promote the use of wild-flowers in that State. They are Industry Body Members of WildFlowers Australia, and generously support our Student Floristry Competition with Silver Sponsorship.

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Wildflower Industry Network NSW Inc

The Wildflower Industry Network NSW Inc. has evolved from the Waratah Industry Network which was established in 1994. It is an Industry Body Member of WildFlowers Australia and a valued Silver Sponsor of our Student Floristry Competition.WIN aims to support the interests of commercial growers and other parties with a commercial interest in wildflowers throughout NSW. 

Its objective is to grow and promote the Wildflower Industry in NSW, which is based on Australian native flowers and foliage, as well as selections from South African Proteaceae.

Exchange of commercial information;

Exchange of technical information;

Initiation of technical research;

Collective action on industry issues.

Secretary: Sandra Crockett
Email: crockett300@bigpond.com


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Australian Flora Foundation

The Australian Flora Foundation Inc (AFF) was established as a non-profit body in 1981. It arose mainly from the desire of members of the Australian Plants Society and plant scientists to see more research carried out on Australian flora.

It aims to foster research to:

  • Increase community awareness of the richness and beauty of the Australian flora through greater use of the flora in parks and gardens.
  • Conserve Australia's native flora which has been over-cleared, and if this unique resource is to be preserved into the future together with its dependent birds, animals and other living creatures, scientific research is crucial.
  • Reverse salination. Our native flora is likely to play an important role in enabling Australia to reverse the alarming rate of salination and degradation of our soils.
  • Understand the factors critical to survival of our native flora.
  • Develop propagation and cultivation techniques to restore natural stands and to save threatened species.
  • Develop horticulturally attractive forms of wildflowers so as to make the widest range of flowering plants and shrubs available for parks and gardens.
  • Commercially cultivate selected wildflowers, especially for international markets.

So, it shares a number of aims with the WildFlowers Australia Ltd and the wider Australian wildflower industry. Therefore, both associations have now set up reciprocal links on their websites.

Visit the AFF website at http://aff.org.au to find out more, including details of projects currently being supported and reports on completed projects. Several projects supported by the AFF involve species grown or under development as commercial wildflower crops.