WildFlowers Australia - Our strategic plan

04 Nov 2015

Strategic plan

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As the national industry organization, our mission is to improve the profitability, sustainability and vibrancy of the Australian wildflower industry.

WildFlowers Australia Ltd (WFA) represents the many members of the wildflower industry - growers, flower wholesalers, exporters and importers, buyers such as florists, research and extension specialists and allied industry members such as plant growers.

WFA aims to unify the businesses that make up the industry, creating enhanced market presence, and encouraging all to provide products of consistent high quality to our markets.

The WFA Board has developed a Strategic Plan to guide the organisation's activities. 


WFA Strategic Plan 


Strategy What this involves How it will be done

Raising sufficient revenue to cover the costs of supporting the organisation’s administrative requirements (secretariat and communications manager).

Regular review of membership fees to cover operating and project costs

By creating a business plan for WFA Ltd for each year.

Relationships Supporting and growing relationships with members, industry and Government organizations, including the floristry industry.

By attracting new members and supporting our current members.

By seeking out other wildflower associations and inviting them to join WFA Ltd; by establishing links with florists and floristry industry bodies.

Maintaining, promoting and developing communication through the WFA newsletter, the website and update emails.

Promoting and developing industry assets such as publications, and skills and knowledge.

By continuing the bimonthly newsletter, update emails, website updates, promotion of our assets, answering enquiries.

Through contributions to Australian Flower Industry and distribution of this magazine to our members.

Market development

Increasing the use of Australian grown wildflower products.

Building the capacity of industry people and businesses by their participation in events such as conferences, workshops and the national student floristry competition.

By developing projects and funds to increase the value/volume of wildflower product used.

By creating and hosting events, engaging growers and florists to participate, and running workshops, conferences and competitions.

Research, Development & Extension Projects Developing and supporting current and new projects, with a focus on production efficiencies, and increased sales value and volume. By identifying and proposing projects and participating in farm based projects.