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If you are a visitor to the site please use the navigation bar on the left to browse the site - there is a myriad of information on WFA and wild flowers available to you here. Much of it is available in the section 'For growers and value chain members'.

To find out more about the benefits of membership, membership categories and how to apply for membership, please click 'Contact us/how to join' on the main menu.

Due to the cost of website maintenance, we no longer maintain a members only section, instead all members receive a library of resources on USB which they can keep up to date by adding current newsletters and shared documents.

Please contact us at, if you need assistance with updating your library.

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WFA Members are grouped into categories based on their main business operation/s.  This makes it easier to look for a particular member or to find which members operate a particular type of business in the Supply Chain.

Click on one of the categories in the navigation column (left) for a list of members in that category (and note that there are sub categories within each):


* 'Supply chain members' which contains: Plant Breeder Nursery Grower Wholesaler Exporter Importer Florist Associate Member or

'Service providers' which contains: Industry Support members or Industry Association members.

Please note that not all of our members are listed here. If your company or business would like to contact our members, please contact us at to discuss advertising in our newsletter.

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