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Membership of WildFlowers Australia is open to those who operate businesses that form links in the supply chain for Wildflowers locally and internationally. These links include all businesses that provide a service and make a significant contribution to the profitability and sustainability of the industry.

Membership has two main groups:

  1. Supply chain members
  2. Service providers

If you want to apply to become a NEW MEMBER - please click on Register for Membership and follow the registration process.

Your application for membership will be considered by the board of WFA as soon as possible - this may take 7 - 10 days. When approved, you will be contacted by WFA's Secretariat and receive a tax invoice. You can pay by direct deposit into the WFA bank account.

MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL - when you receive an invoice to renew your membership, please

pay by direct deposit into the WFA account (details are provided on your invoice)

Please add your surname or business name as the reference in your transaction details.

Unfortunately we are unable to accept credit card payments or cheques at this time.